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We Offer Integrated Solution

With our philosophy We Help You Perform Better, we try hard to give the best to our clients in increasing their productivity, human resources reliability, and total organization’s performance.

Our products and services in the area of PEOPLE, BUSINESS, and TECHNOLOGY, provide an integrated solution to solve problems faced by our clients. This TRIANGLE must be kept in a proper balance in order to produce an optimum organization’s performance.

Challenges and Opportunities

The rapid development of information technology has changed our perception about distance, shape, and speed in communication. Information technology has also revolutionized the way we manage productive works.

The speed of global information flow has pushed us to always anticipate and adapt to changes occurred, in order to compete with other nations in achieving national building.

To become more competitive, mastering information technology and business management supported by strong human resources are a must.

The dynamics of business operation would also require alliances with other business partners, which bring efficiency and productivity.

InfoSolusi, established in 1992 in Jakarta, tries to answer those challenges by offering some possibilities to increase organization’s performance, in the area of human resources development (PEOPLE), business management (BUSINESS), and information technology application (TECHNOLOGY).

Source of Our Expertise

Through cooperations with our international and national strategic partners who are very competent in their fields of expertise, we offer comprehensive and integrated solutions to make organizations more competitive in their business.

The experts who support our activities have gained their expertise through years of both academic and practical experiences at reputable universities and business organizations respectively, in Indonesia as well as abroad.